About us

About us

Who We Are?

SoBuy is a global home furniture brand, focusing on space optimization.

Since it was founded in Hamburg in 2005. SoBuy has always strived to be

the specialist in space-optimization furnishing solutions. There is a wide

range of ready-to-assemble furniture here to meet the needs or different

spaces. Welcome to our Shop!

Brand Story

# Folding Makes More Space And Ideas

The first shop was started in 2007 by selling foldable tables, a kind of ready-to-assemble furniture.It’s designed especially for people who lived in the urban areas, had limited income, entered a new stage of life or settled into a new space. The price of our furniture was a third to a half less than those pre-assembled products. It saved greatly on costs and space to release some stress from customers.

# Living nature

Considering the global environment, SoBuy has been committed to making furniture

products, which are more high-quality and eco-friendly. We do care about the

planet and trust that so do you. That’s the reason why a series of bamboo and wood

furniture were launched in 2011 and got widely welcomed on the market. Bamboo,

a kind of natural sustainable material, is the fastest-growing plant on the earth. It

grows to full size in only 3-4 months and is much faster than standard trees which

take over 30 years to grow. Once treated, it can withstand the roughest and toughest

daily use and last for years.

# A Better SoBuy, A Better Planet

After the pandemic, economic activity

slowed down, while SoBuy was considering

about its responsibilities to the individuals,

to the industry and to the planet.

► We pay attention to the development of each individual and strive to create more

learning and work opportunities.

► Now the concept of “Living Nature” is not only a representative of bamboo

products, but also a goal of building a “Green SoBuy”. We hope that we can even

reach a consensus with people of our supply chain on this concept to push on

transformation and upgrading.

► From the manufacturing procedure,selling method to the products themselves,

we're continuously seeking for more eco friendly ways. We hope that every change

we bring on lifestyle can go on to inspire people and moreover, make a positive

change to the world.


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